Sierra Bailey

Championing talented, tiny business owners and helping them solve problems from the technical to time management, is my passion. In my own entrepreneurial journey, I found that there was plenty of information for starting a business, but very little support for those who were a few years in and beyond the startup phase.

From year 2 all the way through year 16 of running my jewelry brand, I found there was so little info for these in the middle years of owning a business out there that I became obsessed with providing it for others. Fast forward and now, I have become that resource and provide the education, resources, and support for those who are feeling like there is nothing out there once the business is a few years in. And if that's you, welcome!

If you are super into being DIY, there is the Podcast, Facebook group, and courses. If you want a little more support, including access to all of the courses as part of membership, a forum, and a monthly group call, check out the Network. And if you're craving more attention and the ability to have your own business advisor, I offer a variety of workshops and 1:1 services.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and Doers Shakers Makers, please reach out to say hello or with any questions at


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