Laboratory Sales Representive at RealLab

We provide My Real Lab - Turnkey Programs & Products which includes:

• To Drive Your Practice Growth
• Largest Supplier of Medical Ancillary Services


Our My Real Lab - Turnkey Programs & Products can help you to:
• Increase the needs of healthcare providers
• Create patient-centric solutions enabled by technology
• Incorporate new revenue streams to solidify practice finances


Some ways that we differ from other options out there are:
• Dozen of gold-standard product line
• Engage healthcare providers at every level
• Provide a customized analysis to determine which solution would best fit the practice
• Provide patient-centric solutions enabled by technology
• Incorporate new revenue streams to solidify practice finances

Name Drop:

• We worked with Women's Health Texas in the San Antonio area, formally known as Institue for Women's Health (IFWH) and provided over half of the medical ancillary services that we have to offer.
• This helped them to ensure the highest standard of customer services, meets the highest ethical and legal standards, and finally generates maximum return for physicians, which led to partnering with experts who can customize solutions for each of their medical practices.

Threats of Doing Nothing:

Some things to be concerned with when not doing anything in this area are:
• Physician reimbursement has declined steadily in recent years, forcing independent physicians to integrate into larger groups. 86.4% of physician pay has been flat or declined over the past 3 years.
• The Affordable Care Act has created additional opportunities for clinics to bill for ancillary services. However, most physicians are largely unaware of their options. Researching and vetting each ancillary opportunity is
too time-consuming for physicians that are already overworked.

Company Facts:

Other key details about us are that we:
• One of the nation's largest provider of medical ancillary services.
• We can guarantee that your practice will receive the individual attention that is required when implementing ancillary services.
• Tailor-made packages, competitive pricing, and efficient and prompt service make us the ideal choice for your practice.



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